Through New Zealand Eyes

What do Laurence Fishburn, Al Pacino, Taika Waititi, and America have in common? Soul, cheek and magic. All dialectst that translate and feed the sails of a story. SDIFF brings us only stories that move time.


The opening movie for the festival was Jojo rabbit. Arftful, clever digs and playful disrespect communicated on a subtle, postive frequencey in the name of imploring kids need to learn to think fro themselves. What more difficult subject matter to do this with than telling the story through a 10 year nazi-in-trainings eyes.


Camilla Monrone - Al Pacino's Stepdaughter Beguiles a New Zealander

What do Al Pacino, Martin Scorsese, New Zealand director, Taika Waititi and San Diego International Film Festival (SDIFF) have in common? Their specific flavor of storytelling shot into our hearts at the 2019 festival launching this game-changing event into the stratosphere.